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We help your business get more organic traffic with search engine optimization.

NH SEO Services

We focus on 2 key areas that provide the most impact for a website to succeed in the SERPs. Learn why you want NH SEO Services.

SEO Strategy

  • Technical review and suggestions
  • Full site content audit
  • Comprehensive SEO strategy
  • Video call review session

Content Optimization

  • GSC review for largest opportunity
  • On-page blog post content review
  • Competitor Analyse
  • Optimize the content to rank

What is the benefit of your Website if it doesn’t grow your business with new clients and customers?

You need SEO!

Bob Clark

SEO Strategy

Reporting, data, and SEO recommendations for your business!

Analytics review

We take a look at your Google Analytics and Google Search Console and audit your account to make sure that everything is looking good.

Website Audit

We really get under the hood of your site to find underlying technical issues and also opportunities with your plugins that will help increase your traffic.

Competitor Analysis

We take a look at your competitors. We analyze their rankings, pages, and data to find opportunities for your own site so that you can get more organic traffic.

Comprehensive SEO Strategy

After we have a clear picture of your business we provide you with easy to understand strategy to crush it in the SERPs. We meet in a live video call to go over your strategy.

Who is Clarky?

Hi, my name is Bob Clark. I am an SEO in New Hampshire and I also have sites of my own.

Check out my latest website that I built… 97% organic traffic to 110k monthly sessions in only 16 Months Part-Time!

Stop wondering if you are doing it correctly!

Acquiring traffic organically to your website can be very difficult if you do not have all your eggs in a row. I spent years learning the ins and outs of SEO since 2009. A lot has changed since then and it keeps changing.

I have done SEO Strategy for some small businesses all the way to huge brands like…

  • UPS
  • Converse
  • Choice Hotels
  • Georgia Pacific

More than likely if you have not been in the game for years, there are a number of things that are affecting your website from getting organic traffic.

  • You just don’t know what you don’t know, hire a Pro!
  • Have someone look at your business on the outside to help you see what is wrong.
  • Get a system and process that you can repeat to be successful on Google.
  • Have a technical analysis done for your entire website.
  • Figure out what content needs to be updated to give you a bump in the SERPs.
  • Learn what you can do to beat your competition in the SERPs.

Some of the best locations that we serve are Portsmouth NH SEO, Concord NH SEO and Manchester NH SEO.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the meat and potatoes of where your business stands organically and what you can do to make your traffic increase. You will also learn what you need to do with your future content so you keep growing in traffic.

This is not just an audit with 1k pages that you can not digest and implement. Our goal is that you apply what we find and suggest or with some services we do it for you.

The SEO services start at the price of $500 a month. The higher the budget the more work that can be done to the website to rank better in Google.

We like to say in the industry “it depends”. It typically takes 3-6 months to see some great results. I can tell you that it is well worth it when you get to the top of the SERPs.

No, we do not offer this service. SEO is the way to go. You put in the work and you can reap the rewards for a long time. With paid, as soon as you stop paying your stop reaping the rewards

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